You are already beautifully made, but by simply enhancing your best features, wearing the correct colours, hairstyle, dressing according to your body-face shape and personality, a NEW look can be achieved.

I provide image consulting, styling, make-up for any occasion, makeovers and master classes of all ages. 

 If you lost your sense of style and you’re unsure of what to wear, I can help you become a new person, enhancing your own natural beauty, teaching you what styles/colours to wear, saving you a lot of money by just making the right choices and helping you find your self-confidence again to be the best you.

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Makeup for any occasion, Make-over, Fashion Stylist, Master Classes,
Styling & Colour consultation, Wardrobe Consultant & Personal Shopper





Did your sense of style take a knock? Or are you struggling to find the perfect style for your everyday life? Are you struggling to find the correct colours? Are you drawn by wearing 3 styles over and over again? I’m here to help you!!!

I will determine your segments, body- and face shape by analyzing your measurements. I will help you find your own Style Personality, your own colour palette which fits your skin & hair colour the best and I will help you feel good on even a bad day by wearing the correct style, colours, and accessories. 

Each one of us is so uniquely made. Maybe you didn’t discover the magic inside of you yet. As an image consultant, I’m here to help you enhance the most special parts of yourself. Having your own identity, having confidence, and feeling content with yourself are so important. I will help you discover these aspects and guide you to be the best version of yourself.

You will also receive a makeup lesson for an everyday look.

Includes the APPearance Specialist app with all your styles, colours, hair colours, metals, makeup, and the likes to wear.

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R1650 (for one person, 1h 30min)

Bring a friend – Get 15% off when you book a service for you and a friend


This service can only be done after your Style & Colour Consultation

Don’t know what to buy or if the style and colour suit you? Suffering from a lack of time to shop? In need of a wardrobe update? Attending a special occasion or event? Too busy finding outfits to wear? Maybe it’s time to go shopping…!

Let’s build a wardrobe of your dreams for your lifestyle and goals!

The reason that we make so many “mistakes” when shopping is a lack of knowledge when it comes to your own styles to suit your physical features and colours to suit your complexion, eyes and hair colour.

This is an experience you don’t want to miss out on. Shopping can be an overwhelming experience – the colours, fabrics, patterns…Let me help you shop and take the stress out of shopping, guiding you around your favourite stores to ensure that you buy only what you look and feel great in.

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R350 per hour


This service can only be done after your Style & Colour Consultation.

Struggling to mix and match items to wear in your closet everyday? Wearing the same outfits everyday? Having a closet full of clothes but always have “nothing to wear”? I’m here to help you!!!

Let’s take a look at your closet to see what must stay and what must go! Maybe it’s time to update your wardrobe and sort through your closet! Wardrobe planning is not just about clearing your wardrobe of items that may no longer work. It’s about looking at your closet with a new perspective, looking at new outfit combinations and restyling old favourites.

After this session you will learn not only to wear 20% of your wardrobe 80% of the time but a 100% of your wardrobe 100% of the time! I will leave you with photos of brand new combinations including accessories and shoes. No more standing in front of your closet saying: “I have nothing to wear!”.

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R350 per hour


Whether a Wedding, Party, Matric farewell, any other special occasion, or just because you deserve it, book your make-up session and stand out from the crowd. I will determine your own colour palette that will enhance your overall look by using quality products to give you a flawless look.

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Book your morning filled with Styling Tips, Finding your own Style Personality
How to apply an everyday flawless Makeup Look & Improving your Confidence!

This workshop also includes a FREE Makeup Lesson.

A makeup lesson using  MUD Makeup products/Brushes & how to apply an everyday makeup look.

I provide all the MUD Makeup products/brushes

(you will need for this lesson),

& the steps to follow to achieve an everyday flawless look. 

(The makeup brushes and products can be bought separately)

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You will receive a full Style and Colour Consultation, Makeup lesson, and access to the APPearance Specialist app. I will determine your body shape, segments, face shape, neck length, and do a Flow Colour Analysis. I will also teach you how to do your own make-up for an everyday look and share some tips on styling.

– The master class will include access to the APPearance Specialist App that will give you access to ALL your garment styles, garment colours, hair colours, makeup colours, accessories, metals and SO much more.

*The perfect idea for a group of friends, teachers or if you want to invest in yourself. 6 spots available per master class*

R1500 per person



I will do a complete style, colour, make-up, shopping (on your budget), and wardrobe analysis. You will have a new wardrobe, be transformed with a brand new hairstyle (on your budget) and a life-changing make-up lesson. All in 1 day!

Includes the APPearance Specialist app with ALL your styles,  colours,  hair colours, metals, makeup, and the likes to wear.

(Please note that travel and accommodation costs are not included in these prices)

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R3900 for one person


Styling clothing and accessories for editorial features, print or television advertising, campaigns, music videos, concert performances, magazines, or any photoshoot.

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